Woodbridge Marine- Maritime Shipping Support Services

Woodbridge Marine provides highly qualified individuals carrying out a wide range of marine technical and consulting services.

Each surveyor has been selected for having the highest professional qualifications, all having attained positions of superior responsibility on board ships.

All reporting is prepared electronically and tailored to the clients preferred format.  We are committed to work diligently to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations and we will respect and uphold the confidentiality that our clients entrust in us.

We believe prompt communication to be the key to success and understand that shipping is a 24 hour business.  Our office is equipped with 24 hr telephone support; always answered by a live operator capable of directing calls to the appropriate solution.  During normal business hours the office is fully staffed with a support team able to respond to client requests without delay.

See the categories below for more detailed information:

Accredited OCIMF/SIRE Inspections
Woodbridge Marine staff surveyors have all served in senior positions at sea and have extensive backgrounds in OCIMF/SIRE tanker inspections with appointments from most of the oil majors.  The company president, Captain Andrew D. Lott is an accredited Sire Auditing Inspector for Oil, Chemical and Gas ships.

We have accredited OCIMF SIRE inspectors covering the US West Coast, Gulf Coast and East Coast as well as Mexico/Central America, Canada, Caribbean and South America.  Resumes available on request.

We take pride in being a leader in the industry striving to make the transportation of oil safer and cleaner

CDI inspections are available through our affiliated company, AMSCA.

Woodbridge Marine acts as surveyors on behalf of the governments of Bahamas, Malta and Jamaica conducting annual safety inspections and accident investigations.

Protection &Indemnity (P&I) Surveys
One of Woodbridge Marine’s core business is the surveying of ships, including but not limited to pre-entry condition surveys, periodic condition surveys and follow-up surveys.  We also have ultrasonic hatch cover test equipment available.

Our Principal Surveyor/Owner has been in shipping since the mid 1970’s and has been conducting surveys since 1994.

Woodbridge Marine carries out claims work for many P&I clubs and are experienced with steel, project cargos and heavy lift projects.

Hull & Machinery (H&M)
Hull and Machinery services are provided by our affiliated company Starboard Surveys LLC. www.StarboardSurveys.com.

Legal & Claims
Woodbridge Marine has been involved in many significant claim investigations including cargo contamination, cargo loss/damage, groundings, collisions and machinery damage.

Cargo Supervision
Using a cargo expeditor can be a very cost effective tool.  Woodbridge Marine offers experienced tanker personnel who can ensure that in-port times and freight losses for ROB are kept to a minimum.

Hand in hand with our expediting services go loss prevention and control.  We have a long history of helping operators and charterers to identify and minimize losses in the transportation of oil, gas and chemical cargos.

We are very experienced in the handling of liquid fertilizer cargoes on the USWC and work with various clients to ensure the discharge of cargo is achieved incident free.

Bulk/Dry Cargo Condition Surveys
Woodbridge Marine is actively involved in the inspection of bulk carriers on behalf of prospective charterers.  Our inspections are timed to ensure minimum disruption to the vessel’s operation while completing the depth of inspection necessary for the client.