Welcome To Woodbridge Marine

Woodbridge Marine, created in 1999, is a consulting group focused on bringing the very best in marine technical skills to clients in the maritime industry and related business area. We specialize in all things ships. We are proficient in this area and have chosen to focus our business on the transportation of commodities by sea.

We have surveyors in strategic port locations across the United States serving the East, Gulf and West Coasts as well as Canada and Central / South America.

Our primary clients include oil majors, large insurance organizations, governments and attorney firms.

We maintain in place all the essential insurance protection including comprehensive general liability, non-owned/hired automobile liability, professional liability and workers compensation/USL&H coverage for all employees. We take safety seriously as evidenced by our claims-free loss history in over 10 years in business.

By bringing the expertise tailored to each job we are typically more cost effective. Whether it is participating in oversight of an active operation, or a later investigation, we work with all parties to effectively reach goals while reducing costs.